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Acme Bikes USA represents an evolution in delivering quality high quality motorcycles to a diverse and appreciative audience of enthusiasts. What began in 2003 as Acme Choppers — a company that fused art and technology to create custom, handcrafted motorcycles and components — has since rebranded its name and, more importantly, its mission. 

Acme Bikes USA is now geared towards building an impressive inventory of exceptional used motorcycles, priced reasonably and transparently, supported by our in-house service department, specializing in repair and performance work for all makes, models, and years. 

We believe there is a bike for everyone and are motivated to match man with machine. 


My love of bikes is in my blood. 

Thanks to my dad’s passion for old motorcycles, custom bikes, hotrods, and engineering, I developed an affinity for all things mechanical. By watching and working with him, I learned how to ride, modify, and fix motorcycles and cars. Rebuilding engines with my dad laid the future foundation of my business, establishing it as a formidable player in the custom bike market. 

Family remains at the center of my professional pursuits. Everyday, I work alongside my wife, Colleen, whose dedication makes our small, family run business such a success.   

My passion for motorcycles and pairing the right bike and driver has inspired our recent entry into the sales segment of the industry, a new direction we are eager to explore, based on our shared enthusiasm and our journey thus far. 


Forget what you know about traditional motorcycle dealerships. 

At Acme Bikes USA, we reject the typical sales model most consumers have come to expect when shopping for a bike. Our approach always connects back to our mission: match each person with the bike best suited to them. 

We price our bikes based on volume and the flow of inventory across our sales floor. Huge profit margins are not the goal. Instead, we aim to sell bikes at reasonable prices, making motorcycle ownership more accessible for more people. 

Rather than inflated price points on individual bikes, we embrace a high volume structure. Ultimately, we want to establish a relationship with each customer to pave the way for future sales, trade-ins, purchases, as well as routine maintenance and service work. 

Unlike most motorcycle dealerships, our sales staff is not paid on commission. They do not clock in eager to “close a deal.” Our team represents motorcycle enthusiasts, excited to share their knowledge and help you discover the bike suited to your lifestyle and bottomline. We want you to leave our shop with the best bike for you, regardless of price point.


As fellow enthusiasts, we get that your bike is more than just another motorcycle. It’s unique to you, your experience, and your memories. That first memory should be a fun one, which is why we’ve changed how shopping for a bike is done. 

When you come to Acme Bikes USA, you should expect to partner with a Product Advisor whose only mission is to pair you with the right bike, dependent on your personal needs and budget. 

Nevermind the uncomfortable, commission-driven negotiation process. Our team is here to help and share their enthusiasm for motorcycles. They do not make commission and therefore feel no pressure to pressure you into “closing the deal.” 


We take pride in ensuring that every bike at Acme Bikes USA is priced clearly, tagged for total transparency. Based on current market values, inventory availability, consumer demand, and the length of time on the sales floor, our pricing is competitive and evaluated for ultimate fairness in order to pair more people with high-quality bikes. 


In order to make good on our mission, we follow a specific, 4-step process to ensure that we match the right bike and customer, successfully. 

  • STEP ONE: The Intake

    This step involves a careful and comprehensive evaluation of each motorcycle, including a review of its known history. 

  • STEP TWO: Service and Repair

    Once thoroughly inspected by our mechanics, we complete any necessary service or repairs in preparation for an official New Hampshire State Inspection. Following approval, one of our technicians will test ride the bike to evaluate safe, smooth, and effective operation on real roadways. 

  • STEP THREE: Detailing and Reconditioning

    Although our inventory targets high-quality used motorcycles, we make every effort to ensure that the bikes look like new. This requires our multi-step detailing and reconditioning process. Upon completion, it’s hard to believe these bikes have ever been used at all.

  • STEP FOUR: Spread the Word, Share the News

    In order to help people locate our bikes, we advertise our inventory across top motorcycle selling platforms and share on social media outlets. We update our website daily in order to showcase our evolving inventory.

    Visitors to our website can peruse pricing, plenty of photos, and even access a “walk around” video of the bikes. In addition, we offer a free vehicle history report and 30-day warranty with every bike sold. 

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